Teambryo is a Corporate Information Dashboard & Notification Web Application. It ensures optimized communication, follow up and notification of essential bits of business information be it important events, decisions, meetings, opportunities or simply information that needs to be shared as means towards some business goal.

On-line Demo available upon request!


Responsive interface

Same web application available on mobile, tablet and desktop browser

Clear view of important items

Clear view of shared information: tasks, items, sections and projects.
Search, priority levels, comment threads, time-zone aware, multi-language support.

Productivity graphs

Productivity graphs showing my activity, activity per section, project and department.


Filtered views per categories such as ‘Assigned to me’, ‘Created by me’, per Label, Department, Due items etc.

Assignment & Notification

Assign tasks to others, create projects and receive notification upon comment or completion. Notifications available inside the application and on email.

Easy administration

User profile self-management and all-in-one system administration & setting module.

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